Best Special Education in Gurgaon/NCR

Definition and meaning: Special Education in Gurgaon/NCR

According to the IDEA, Special Education in Gurgaon identifies the physical, social and emotional disabilities and build educational programmes to overcome such crises that a child faces. due to their disability such as dyslexia, their needs cannot be fulfilled with the traditional classroom environment. The main purpose of this education is to successfully develop the child’s potential to its fullest by providing quality tailor-made programmes. The special ability services are available to the students of age 3 to 21 and without wasting a single penny. If you are searching for a place to provide your Child Special Education then you are at the right place. We are well known for providing Special Education in Gurgaon/NCR.

Special Education

Special Education in Gurgaon/NCR


  • The disability of the child must be identified, be it physical or mental.
  • The disability should affect the child’s performance in education.
  • The child must require a tailor-made instruction programme.

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Who Needs Special Education in Gurgaon/NCR?

  • Dyslexia: when a child faces difficulty in reading, writing and speaking.
  • Dyscalculia: when a child faces difficulty in remembering facts and solving maths problem relating to time and money
  • Dysgraphia: when a child’s handwriting is adversely poor and faces difficulty in organising data.
  • Auditory processing disorder:  when a child faces difficulty in interpreting words after hearing
  • Visual processing issues: when a child is not visually impaired but faces difficulty in interpreting what the eye sees.
  • Emotional disturbance: An inability to learn that can’t be explained by sensory or health effects. Inappropriate type of feeling that can’t be explained under normal circumstances.

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