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Radiance is a registered multidisciplinary paediatric therapy centre that provides intervention to children with different needs like (but not limited to) autism spectrum disorder, delayed milestones, cerebral palsy, speech and language difficulties, intellectual disability, social and emotional difficulties, learning difficulties ( dyslexia ) and much more.

Radiance was founded by Sangeeta Maurya. She is an extremely passionate occupational therapist, who has years of experience of working with need-based children. She has experience of working in the hospital, clinical set-up & inclusive school setup. Founded on 2nd April 2015, we carry out intervention ranging from occupational therapychild physiotherapy neurodevelopmental therapy, special education, speech & language therapy and group therapy.

Our Vision

If someone really wants to understand the child then one has to think like a child. At radiance, we truly believe that every child should be given hearty support and playful environment to learn and grow. Our vision is to enable children with different abilities to maximize their physical, social, emotional & learning potential by using clinical approaches and creating awareness in parents so that they can understand their child better as they are the one who lives with child for maximum hours, creating awareness in society so that people can understand and accept every child.

Why Choose Us? 

We work as a team with the child, the family and all the people relevant to the child’s development and progress. We make it fun- the most effective way of engaging a child in therapy is to make it fun.We look at the child as a whole. It means looking not just at skills but their relationship with family, peers and what they mean to them.

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